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How to get to Slovakia

Participants from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy

By car:

You can use highroad to capital of Austria Wien, and then  also by highroad, to capital of Slovakia Bratislava /it takes from Wien to Bratislava cca. 25min. only /. From Bratislava to Žiar nad Hronom by highroad – it takes cca. 1.45h. Last 15 km to Kremnica by first class road – 15min. Ski resort Skalka /altitude1230m a.s.l. – 10km from Kremnica  -  altitude 550m a.s.l.

The participants from Czech rep., Northern German regions and Poland as well can use D1 highroad From Prague to Brno, and then  via first class roads to Źilina – Martin – Kremnica.

From north directions,  i.e. – Poland, Nortern Eu countries  use road via town of Ostrava.

By plane:

To airport Wien – you can use rental car. It takes cca.25min by hihgroad to Bratislava.
To airport Bratislava – 190km by car to Kremnica
To airport Budapest – by rental car to Bratislava, or from Budapest via Zvolen to Kremnica.

By train:

From Wien to Bratislava - Zvolen - Kremnica
Or via Czech rep.

By bus:

By  Eurolines to Bratislava  . From  Bratislava use SAD firm.

Enjoy your trip !

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