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News 2013

Photo from 40th Biela Stopa you can watch on:

Two skiers from Bulgaria dominated on 40th Biela Stopa race

Very good weather and snow conditions and well prepared tracks waited for 1144 runners. The organizers prepare several changes: start in waves, new 30km route for Sunday classic race and big display in the finish area.

Abt 1200 skiers from 17 nations were on the start. The best Slovak skiers A.Procházková and M. Bajčičák did not start, because they went like any others good skiers to Sochi. The pair of Bulgarien skiers Veselin Tsinzov and Antoniya Grigorova-Burgova dominate in the race. In the mens cattegory victory claimed Veselin Tsinzov system start to finish, followed by best Slovak Ondrej Benka-Rybár. The third finished local hero Martin Kapšo.

In the womens cattegory won Veselin colegue Antoniya Grigorova-Burgova. On the second place was Ľubomíra Kalinová from Biela Stopa Race team.

The Sunday classic race on 30km won again Veselin Tsinzov and Barbora Klementová from Slovakia.

The celebration of 40th anniversary of Biela Stopa has been succesfully!

P.S. Do not forget fill in the questioner signed Rate the Race please. We want to know your opinions about our race. The next year will be year of 5th European Championship and 100th anniversary of skiing in Kremnica! See you in Kremnica next year 2014! The result list is on the this link.


text: Viliam Michalech
photos: Ivan Čillík

WAX TIP: For Biela Stopa race
Saturday 26. jan./skate
1.GLIDE LF -10°C to -30°C OR
2. BASE - GLIDE LF -10°C to -30°C + HF COLD POWDER

Sunday 27. jan./classic

25.1.2013 Photo service - FaXCOPY
There will be picture taken of each racer on the track Availability of photographs within 48 hrs. after the race Price per photograph, sending by e-mail €2.00.

V. Michalech

The weather forecast for 25. – 27. January 2013 Kremnica –Slovakia

Friday 25. Jan. 2013

  • Mostly partly cloudy
  • Temperatures:
    • Day -7 to -2°C
    • Night -9 to -15°C

Saturday 26. Jan. 2013

  • Clear to partly cloudy
  • Temperatures:
    • Day -8 to -3°C
    • Night -11 to -6°C

Sunday 27. Jan. 2013

  • Clear to partly cloudy
  • Temperatures:
    • Day -7 to -2°C
    • Night - 9 to -14°C

Ski resort Skalka

  • Temperatures :
    • Day abt. -5 to -7°C
    • Night abt. -17°C

We are ready! The jubilee 40th edition of Euroloppet race Biela Stopa ready to go!

  • The organizers have all tracks prepared for race.
  • 50 – 80cm of snow covered on the 45km loop
  • The waves start system - no neck to neck system after start!
  • Big warm sport hall for every skiers for cloth changes, bag storage before and after race 50m close to start and finish area only. Relax center, wellnes
  • Medal for all skiers in the finish
  • Catering after race - in the town Kremnica
  • Medical first aid - helicopter rescue service
  • Friday and Saturday - Big ski party on the M.R.Štefánik square under name ig Air in the Town.
  • Wax service – SWIX
  • The members of Euroloppet club – Euroloppet passport holders will be start from 2nd starting lock.
  • Ski are marked with stickers
  • You can fill in entry form at the day of the start

The Organizing committee of 40th Biela Stopa invite you to take part!

bs 2013

Biela Stopa Survey

Dear skimarathon racers and participants in the Biela Stopa, we want to know from you,how you have experienced the Biela Stopa and how you rate it. Please take a few minutes to help us improve this event in the coming years. Simply click on the blue button signed RATE the RACE to answer questions. Fill in this questioner after race please! Survey will be active 2 weeks after race yet. Thank you very much. The OC of 40th Biela Stopa and the General Secretary of the European Union of Cross-country Skiing Marathons.


History and present:
On November 17th 1328, the King Charles Robert of Anjou granted the settlement of Cremnychbana with privileges of a free royal mining and minting town. At the same time he established the royal mint, which produced large amounts of golden and silver coins. In the 14 th century Kremnica was also called "Golden Kremnica".
The towns historical centre together with the castle creates a very unique and individual example of gothic urban planning. Todays visitors are not coming to Kremnica because of the gold, but because of the town history, the well – preserved monuments, the beautiful scenery and the ability to enjoy sports and tourism troughout the year.

Ski resort Skalka:
Thanks to the location – 1232m a. s. l. this sport center located just 10km from Kremnica has excelent conditions for winter and summer sports. In winter it is skiing and cross-country skiing. About 60km of modified tracks in forest area. Ski stadium for cross-country skiing and relax center with wellnes offer everything you need. The town of Kremnica is famous of gold, coins and skiing. Skiing has old and rich history at Kremnica. Next year 2014 we will celebrate 100th anniversary of skiing as part of European Championship of cross-country marathons. We are proud of fact, athlets trainers and servismans from our small town took part Winter Olympic Games!

Few glimpses about actual conditions:

We are already to start 40th Biela Stopa race! All tracks are covered by 20-45cm layer of snow and snowing this days. Athlets can use 45km track for skate and classic. The temperatures at ski resort Skalka: day -6 to -8°C, night -12°C Kremnica : -3°C to -8°C

- All participants can use big sport hall with relax center very close to the start and finish area.
- You can use bus of OC or your car from Kremnica to Skalka (10km)
- You can fill in entry form in the day of the race.

The 40th Biela Stopa will be great fun on the snow.

Let´s celebrate together with us!

Kremnica 8. jan. 2013

News 2012

Biela Stopa Newsletter 20. dec. 2012

Photo: ski stadium Skalka

Start and finish will be at this ski stadium /altitude 1230m a.s.l./ All participants can use big sport hall before and after race. Snow conditions are very good. Average layer of the snow is 25-30cm, which is enough to run 42km race. We have 50km well groomed tracks at the present time. Dear friend in ski, we can together celebrate 40. anniversary of Biela Stopa Euroloppet race in good friendly atmosphere. City sprint and Big Air in the town on Friday and main 42km race on Saturday, 25km classic on Sunday will be interesting programme for all of you!

The members of the organizing committee of 40th. Biela Stopa wish you all Happy Christmas and Best wishes for the New Year 2013!

The 40th Biela Stopa is knocking at the door
The jubilee will be celebrated !

Biela Stopa is a traditional annual cross-country skiing event which takes place in Skalka ski resort near town Kremnica at end of january. Due to its challenging nature, this event is called ,,Everest,, by cross –country skiers.

Biela Stopa includes tracks that belong to the most beautiful ones not only in Slovakia but in the world too, and that deserve to be a part of the Euroloppet circuit covering the most attractive and the best -known cross-country races in Europe.
In occasion of 40th anniversary of Biela Stopa organizing committee wish to invite all skiers, athlets and enthusiants to take part this long distance popular cross-country skiing event to celebrate this jubilee. It fills us pride that Biela Stopa only once has been cancelled due to lack of snow. The organizing committee would like to express cordial thanks to every supporters, our sponzors, partners, town Kremnica, Slovak ski association, mountains rescue service in Kremnica, all helpers, former and active members of the organizing committee who promoted our ski event. Our goal is offer to all participants perfectly prepared tracks, good service and fun on the snow. We would like to reach higher percentage of the participants and to reach level from 70 – 80thies. 3-days programe of the 40th anniversary offer a lot of activity, challeng and fun sure! You are welcome dear friends in ski!

Registrations – online registration is open from may 2012 and we have already received registrations from 10 nations. The number of participants rising up. Do not waste the time and fill in entry form too!

Snow conditions - last week we had quite good snow conditions /15cm of snow/ at the ski resort Skalka at the altitude 1200m a. s. l. which allowed to us first good training. After warmer days with rain the weather geting cold and snowing again.

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