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News 2016

30.1.2016 13:00
Sunday 31.1.2016
12:00 h. - Mass start of the 30 classic , racers run 2 x 7 km leg
Track for classic style will be only on parts where snow conditions allow it.

29.1.2016 17:00
Saturday 30.1.2016
10:00 h. - Start of the 1st wave 45 freestyle , Bib 1-60 , racers run 3 x 7 km and 25 freestyle , Bib 1001-1060 , racers run 3 x 7 km leg
11:30 h. - Start of 2nd and 3rd wave 45 freestyle , Bib 61-400, racers run 3 x 7 km leg
14:00 h. - Start of 2nd and 3rd wave 25 freestyle , Bib 1061-1400, racers run 2 x 7 km leg
Sunday 31.1.2016
Final statement about the sunday race will be published on saturday after lunch ...

29.1.2016 14:00
Race comitee is just now working on the final alternative for race tracks.
Final statement about the race will be published around 4 p.m.

28.1.2016 Change of tracks

Based on the present snow conditions on North part of the race the comitee decieded to change the race track. We are looking for another alternative and most probably the race will take place on the standard tracks around the stadium on Skalka. This alternative represents 7,5 km track which racers will run several times. We will keep you informed about development of situation on or on our Facebook. Final statement about the race will be published on Friday 29.January around lunch time. OC 43. Biela stopa

25.1.2016 Routes
Based on the snow conditions in Kremnica Mountains and Skalka, OC of 43rd BS decided to change the length of route for freestyle from 45 km to 35 km. Route for freestyle in length 25 km and for the classic technique in length 30 km remains unchanged.

Biela Stopa Survey

Dear skimarathon racers and participants in the Biela Stopa, we want to know from you, how you have experienced the Biela Stopa and how you rate it. Please take a few minutes to help us improve this event in the coming years. Simply click on the blue button signed RATE the RACE to answer questions.
Fill in this questioner after race please ! Survey will be active 2 weeks after race yet.

Thank you very much.
The OC of 40th Biela Stopa and the General Secretary of the European Union of Cross-country Skiing   Marathons.


43rd Biela Stopa
30. – 31.january 2016   

On the 16th of  the January 2016 Kremnica – after meeting of Biela stopa- Euroloppet 2016 Organizational Commitee and according to actual snow conditions, we decide to organize Biela stopa no. 43 on the planned date, it means during last weekend of January- 29.1. - 31.1.2016. Because of pure snow conditions of several parts of South circuit, Biela stopa race will be held only on the North part of the track. Track profile will be specified and updated on our web page and Facebook according to actual snow conditions.

CONCLUSION: Biela stopa will be held on the North part of the track. We will inform you about its length. Nowadays it would be possible to make 35 km track.

We trust your goodwill, weather and convenient snow conditions. We are looking forward to seeing you in Kremnica and Skalka.

Biela stopa Euroloppet  Organizational team

More info:


News 2015

42nd Biela Stopa tracks - Saturday 31. jan. 2015 35km/24km FT and Sunday 1.febr.30km CT

After Sunday snow fall conditions on the Biela Stopa tracks are much better. But due to lack of snow on the southern loop of Biela Stopa, OC accept decission use northern loop for both race days only. Saturday main race will be shortened on 35km.
I.e. On Saturday 35km and 24 km FT
On Sunday 30km CT

The weather forecast promise further snow falls and temperatures below zero degrees.
The tracks are well groomed for both technique and everything is prepared for the 42nd edition of Euroloppet race Biela Stopa, greatest race in Slovakia.

It will be for sure nice race.
Do not hesitade to take part !


42nd BIELA  STOPA  31.jan. – 1.febr. 2015

Take part 42nd Euroloppet race Biela Stopa in Slovakia ,country with rich skiing history.
Do not hesitate with your entry. We have quit good snow conditions at the present time.
Take part Eurolopet race, visit old Gold town Kremnica , museum of coins  and ski museum too.
Big sport hall for every skiers before and after race on the ski stadium.
Full info about race you can find on
e-mail address :

Ski resort Skalka- 10km close to town Kremnica

Thanks to the location – 1232m a. s. l. this sport center located just 10km from town of Kremnica has excelent conditions for winter and summer sports. In winter it is skiing and cross-country skiing. About 60km of modified tracks in forest area. Ski stadium for cross-country skiing and Relax center with wellnes offer everything you need. The town of Kremnica is famous of gold, coins and skiing. Skiing has old and rich history at Kremnica .In the year 2015 we will celebrate 100 Anniversary of skiing !

Time table of 42nd Biela Stopa
Saturday 10:00 h. 
Biela Stopa - Euroloppet 45 freestyle 
Main race – 35km freestyle - mass start with start and finish on the ski stadium Skalka.

Biela Stopa - Euroloppet 25 freestyle
Biela Stopa Euroloppet 24km freestyle – mass start with start and finish on the ski stadium Skalka. 

Sunday 10:30 h. 
Biela Stopa - Euroloppet 30 classic
Biela Stopa –Euroloppet 30km classic – mass start with start and finish on the ski stadium Skalka 

Sunday 11:00 h. 
Biela stopa Junior 
Biela Stopa JUNIOR - Race for youth and children categories, mass start with start and finish on Skalka ski stadium .


Special offer. The participants ,who payed starting fee for cancelled 41th Biela Stopa ,extra starting fee 10€ only!

Entry form: Online on the page , or during the weekend before the race personally in the office of the race /presentation/ – Kremnica, ul. P. Križku. The last entry forms will be accepted on the day of the competition at Skalka, from 07.00 a.m. till 08:30 a.m.
Presentation :

Friday 15 – 21:00h 
Saturday 07 – 09:00h sport hall (Relax center) Skalka 
Sunday 07 – 09:00h sport hall 

The participants have to submit the receipt of payment at registration via e-mail or personally until 30. 1. 2015.

OC of 42nd edition of Euroloppet race  Biela Stopa  2015

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